Best Business to start in India under 5 Lakh

Franchise businesses are flourishing with the rise of startup culture in India. Advanced technology and new ideologies are pushing the bar high up there, and you can be a part of this evolution too.

If you are worried about investing all your savings and investment for buying the franchise rights, you may have been mistaken, as you can own many Franchises for under 5 Lakh.

This article is for your help where you will find the details about the Best Franchise Business under 5 Lakh in India.

Flauntbasket Designer Silver Jewellery Franchise – Best Franchise under 5 Lakh in India

Flaunt Basket was founded in 2015, by Jayesh Kothari, and just in these seven most uncertain years of the era, this became one of the Best Franchises under 5 Lakh in India. 

It has its franchise outlets in Bangalore, Vizag, and Rourkela at present, but in the future, it has plans to extend to different parts of the country too. Flaunt Basket offers the Store, KIOSK, POS, and Digital franchise models, which have additional investment requirements.

The Digital Franchise model can be started with an investment lower than Rs.5 lakhs as the franchise fee is only Rs.1.5 lakh. At the same time, the infrastructure requirement is not required, and the total investment adds up to around Rs.3.5 lakhs to Rs.5 lakhs depending upon the stocks.

From product photoshoots to product uploading on the website, the franchisor offers everything to make the franchisees get acquainted with their style and presentation. There are benefits of social media sales, search engine sales, joining kit, exhibition and display, and store visit benefits. 

Then there is market support to make the franchise popular in the area and on the Internet. Apart from these, there is customer support, online tie-ups for delivery, website support for order placement, and others.

So this is all about Flauntbasket digital franchise model. If you want to explore more, you can try other business models with this link franchise models.

Best Business to start in India under 5 Lakh

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