Few reasons why a business is not successful and how Flaunt Basket comes up with it

Wrong Location
Location plays a vital role in the sales number of the store. At flaunt basket being an impulsive bank product line our main focus would be a place that has a floating crowd with female-centric stores in the surrounding and we also maintain a checklist while disadding a location.

Wrong Product
People end up making mistakes by selecting a product by dealing with products that might be off the trend or might attract huge competition, which might affect the margin. At flaunt basket, as new categories and designs have always been our primary focus, we could come up with a category and design which suits the location of the respective franchise which would eradicate the risk of going off the trend. And when it comes to starting as it requires huge knowledge and skills and that is why our franchise is successful and easy for a new entrant as the responsibility would be more focused on sales and customer handling and all the rest is taken care of by us.

The team is the face of any retail unit. Here at flaunt basket, we provide intensive training to the sales team along with regular checks in different formats.

The company has two patterns of promotion, centralized and area-specific. In the case of centralized any activity where all the stores and the brand is uplifted would be taken care from the company. Any activity which would be area-specific is born by a franchise with skilled assistance from the company.

Few reasons why a business is not successful and how Flaunt Basket comes up with it

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